A Few Thoughts on the Affordable Care Act

We have been talking about the Affordable Care Act for more than four years now. Since 2010, we’ve spent countless hours trying to grasp all of the implications and fine print of the law so we can fully understand its impacts on our clients. Although some of the important provisions have been delayed, most small…
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Deductions for Small Business Health Premiums

Beginning on 2009 returns, Alabama allows an enhanced deduction for small business health insurance premiums. The deduction is allowed for qualifying employers (those with less than 25 employees) and their qualified employees. Qualified employees are defined as an employee who earns no more than $50,000 of wages and reports no more than $75,000 ($150,000 for married filing a joint return) of Alabama adjusted gross income.

Who’s Paying for Healthcare Reform?

The debate over healthcare reform has created the first major policy bump in the road for the Obama administration. While it seems unlikely at this point that we will see the sweeping reform that the President initially envisioned, it seems equally unlikely that we will emerge from this debate with no change on the healthcare horizon. So what does this mean for the American taxpayer?

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