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Biden Administration Proposes Tax Initiatives

The Biden administration recently released a proposed budget for the fiscal year 2022, referred to as the “Green Book”. The budget includes a number of proposals for tax increases along with a series of increased or extended tax credit and incentive programs. Here is a list of some of the proposed changes:

Meet Alabama’s Top Talent CPAs

Business Alabama Abbreviated Article- – By Erica Joiner West With federal and state tax deadlines looming, April is one of the busiest months for certified public accountants in the country.  But the men and women who have the designation CPA after their names do more than just file paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service.  Accountants…
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Possible Changes on the Horizon for Retirement Savings

The Biden Administration is currently looking at making changes to the tax incentives of saving for retirement. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently announced the Administration is considering a proposal to replace the dollar-for-dollar tax deduction with a 26% credit. More details can be found here. What does this mean for you? If you expect to…Read More