Thanks to today’s technology and transportation possibilities, borders are increasingly becoming meaningless and the world is rapidly shrinking. While this is great news for those in distribution, it also means an increase in global competition and governmental regulations. It’s important for those who engage in cross-border distribution, both interstate and international, to have at their disposal professionals who understand their market and its unique demands.

The staff of Dent Moses has several decades’ experience working with a variety of clients in the distribution industry across the U.S., from start-ups to more established, mature companies. Whether supplying basic accounting assistance or providing strategic financial and business planning to capitalize on industry announcements and trends, we are dedicated to helping those in the distribution industry make the most of their finances and opportunities to boost profits and reduce costs.

Services we’ve provided clients have included but are not limited to:

Overhead Containment and Profitability Studies

  • Lease/buy considerations
  • Establishing key performance indicators
  • Ratio analysis and interpreting business trends
  • Real estate issues
  • Leasing alternatives
  • Business valuations
  • Technology consulting

Cash Flow Management

  • Financial projections and operating budgets
  • Cash investment strategies
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Fixed asset analysis

Management Consulting Services

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Business process improvement
  • Analysis of accounting methods
  • Inventory control systems and planning
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Acquisition structuring
  • Succession planning
  • Retirement planning

Assistance with Financing Relationships

  • Asset-based financing
  • Long-term financing options

Employee Benefit Plan Administration

Start-Up Services

  • Business plan development
  • Entity structure planning

Tax Services

  • Tax planning and advisory services
  • Multi-state tax analysis
  • Sales tax and property tax planning
  • State tax incentives and credits

Accounting Services

  • All accounting and tax reporting requirements
  • Quarterly or monthly financial statements
  • Statistical comparisons of your operations to those of other distributors