As a not-for-profit (NFP) organization, you’ve made it your mission to bring attention to subjects and conditions at large, educate those who seek knowledge and assist those in need. As an accounting firm with a specialty in assisting NFPs, it’s Dent Moses’ mission to provide the support and expertise to help you meet your financial and organizational goals.

Our staff has many years’ experience helping NFP clients, including but not limited to independent schools, associations and foundations, and religious organizations. We’ve assisted them with routine items like accounting for fundraising to more complex issues like preparing for and responding to regulatory audits and inquiries. We’ve also partnered with internal board members or an organization’s counsel to help clarify and/or alleviate financial questions or matters.

No matter your focus, our staff will be there to help you with your NFP-specific needs with the same zeal with which you help your community and constituents. We provide a variety of tax, audit and business advisory services for NFPs including but not limited to:

  • Strategic financial planning guidance
  • Oversight, regulatory and governance review and advisory
  • Internal controls, policies and procedures review and consulting
  • Risk management review and consulting
  • Accounting and financial reporting systems review and consulting
  • Statement of cash flows and cash flow management
  • Business valuation analysis and consulting
  • Tax planning and assistance including preparation of form 990
  • Unrelated business income review and analysis
  • Financial statement audits
  • Audits of Employee Benefit plans
  • Employee benefit plans review, consulting and administration
  • Technology consulting
  • Board member orientation programs and advisory