Outsourced Accounting Services

You’ve worked hard to establish yourself in your selected industry. Whether that’s distribution, healthcare, not-for-profit, manufacturing, or something else, you know your stuff and your company is growing. But you’re not so great at accounting. Luckily the accountants of Dent Moses have you covered. As your business grows and you get busier, it quickly becomes difficult to dedicate the appropriate time and attention to your internal accounting matters, but it is necessary nonetheless. That’s where Dent Moses’ efficient, seamless outsourced accounting services enter the picture.

Timely and accurate bookkeeping, payroll processing, invoicing and financial statements are essential for decision makers to plan and implement key strategies for the business to grow and succeed. Dent Moses’ Outsourced Accounting Services cover everything from the most basic bookkeeping to invoicing and financial statement audit management and everything in between. We’ve worked with organizations of all sizes, from the smallest start-ups to large corporations, providing assistance both on an as-needed, supplemental and recurring basis in the role of a regular outsourced accounting department. Our responsive staff can work on-site and in-person or remotely, as dictated by your needs.

No matter the extent of your outsourced accounting needs, we have the knowledge and skills to help. We focus on the accounting so you can focus on your business. Our outsourced affordable accounting services include but are not limited to:

  • CFO advisory and assistance
  • Basic accounting services
  • Monthly/quarterly financial statement preparation
  • Payroll preparation and/or direct deposit of payroll
  • Payroll tax and sales and use tax return return preparation
  • Various accounting software training, consulting and implementation
  • Quickbooks training, consultation and implementation
  • Budget and business planning and strategy
  • Consultation on reorganizing of accounting department and/or procedures and internal controls
  • External vendor relationship development including banking, benefits, legal, etc.
  • Financial reporting consulting and assistance
  • Temporary controllership and controller advisory
  • Annual audit advisory and assistance
  • Business license preparation


Contact us today to discuss comprehensive or customized outsourced accounting solutions for your invoicing, payroll and financial statement preparation needs.