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Ty Kicklighter

Director of Outsourced Accounting and Consulting

“I really enjoy seeing the light bulb come on as we teach owners and employees how their businesses work, and what design processes create a financial environment that is simple, transparent, and motivating.”

Ty is the Director of Outsourced Accounting and Consulting with Dent Moses, LLP. His team is responsible for providing businesses with a trusted  partner in financial department roles from bookkeeper to CFO, as well as providing trusted solutions to remove the complexity of running a business and bring financial intelligence and health to companies. Prior to joining Dent Moses, Ty provided outsourced CFO services to various companies as managing principal of Kicklighter Group and served as CFO of a market leading engineering firm for 15 years. In addition, he is the facilitator of ACEC Alabama’s Leadership Development Series, a leadership intensive for emerging leaders in the engineering and architecture fields.

Ty received his Masters of Business Administration from Samford University,  and a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech.

In his spare time, Ty enjoys running, playing golf, and spending time with his wife, Emily, and their four children.