Accounting Tips for Dentists

2016 – 2017 Key Payroll Facts and Figures

Our “Key Payroll Facts and Figures” booklet has a quick reference guide, a few forms you might need, and a list of helpful links. You can find the guide by clicking the link above or by heading to the Resources tab on our website. If we can answer any questions regarding the information in the… Read more »

New Per Diem Rates Effective October 1, 2016

There will be an update to per diem rates effective beginning October 1st. First, let me offer some background. If you have employees that incur frequent business travel, it can often be cumbersome for those employees (and perhaps for the chief accountant) to accumulate receipts for reimbursable expenses paid by the employee. As an alternative, tax… Read more »

Use Tax Compliance for Business Owners

Business owners pay many different kinds of taxes every year. Of those taxes, sales tax is probably the easiest to understand. If a business owner buys $100 in dental supplies and the tax rate is 10%, then the business owner pays an extra $10 to cover the tax. The vendor collects and pays the sales… Read more »

What to Consider when Purchasing a Company Vehicle

Clients often ask if there is an advantage to having a company vehicle, and unfortunately, it is not a simple answer. There are several variables to consider, and several pros and cons that go along with each variable. The first thing you must consider are the possible benefits having a company vehicle could bring to… Read more »

Meals and Entertainment Expenses: Are You Getting Your Full Share of Tax Deductions?

Taking a prospect to lunch is one of the most common business-development activities. Another regular business practice is to provide lunches for employees during meetings, training sessions and social gatherings. One of these activities is 100% deductible on your tax return. The other situation is only 50% deductible. Do you know which is which? The… Read more »

Second Quarter Estimated Tax Payments Due June 15

Second quarter estimated tax payments for individuals, estates and trusts, and C corporations are due on Monday, June 15, 2015. If your payments are not paid or postmarked by this date, penalty and interest charges will incur. Remember you can make your payments online. Electronic payments should be initiated on or before Friday, June 12… Read more »

Identity Theft: 3 Steps to Take if Your Identity is Stolen

I recently read a news article that reported more than 70 million Americans have had their data compromised in one form or another. The Identity Theft Resource Center reported the number of tracked data breaches hit 783 in 2014. Of the total, the highest percentage (42.5%) of breaches were reported in the medical and healthcare… Read more »

Electronic Tax Payment Options

In recent years, the U.S. Treasury and Alabama Department of Revenue have become more accommodating to different tax payment methods. While the availability of bank draft and credit card payment options is nothing new, these methods are now available for free. Instead of fighting the tax day traffic at the post office, you can now… Read more »

Form 1099 Reporting Regulations

Most individuals and businesses do not have a good grasp on when a 1099 is required. Generally, if you are self-employed or own a business you probably have an obligation to file. At last count, there were 16 varieties of the 1099 but by far the most common is the 1099-Misc. A filing is required… Read more »