BP Deepwater Horizon Spill Settlement – Your Business May Qualify for Compensation

The new Deepwater Horizon Court-Supervised Settlement is now open and accepting claims. This new program is a dramatic shift from the prior Gulf Coast Claims facility headed by Kenneth Feinburg.  Your businesses may qualify even if not located on the coast or involved in tourism. The geographic area of the settlement includes all of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana as well as parts of Florida and Texas.

In most cases, the calculations are driven entirely by financial formulas, so there is no requirement to prove your loss was a direct result of the spill. Many businesses will be eligible without having to provide any information other than financial data. There are also provisions for failed and startup businesses which may not have been entitled to compensation under the prior settlement.

The new settlement facility is expected to be open through April of 2014; although it is possible the date may be extended.

We are currently assisting businesses with claims. If you would like to discuss your specific situation, please contact Mike Baker at 205-380-1895.